Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday post

I officially turned 17 last Sunday. Time passes real fast.I'm gonna get old....Sigh...
Long story cut short, the brithday post..
First, lookee at his weird expressions..sorry..a lil out of topic.
I can't help it. He's just too cute.

 trying to be the big guy, huh?? serious now.

 My super sweet  surprise  birthday cake..brought all the way from Setapak(or somewhere near there)
 by my dearest cuz bro, Samuel.
Thanks, big brother!

Just ignore the wrong spelling on the cake. This once.
And the pressie..

 Pretty right??

oh  thanks, Fiona for the post. thoughtful =D

And....pressie from friends..
by Tan-She Reen.
thanks..for the present and the post.

 simple yet pretty...
 PURPLE!!!!my fav colour!!aw..thanks...


 one from a secret friend...

Thanks for this cute little piggy..=D

Lastly, from Breena. With a superb sweet message....

 Read read!!!haha....

A peep of the present...
*my all time fav brand.

Not gonna show it, yet....
Clue: It's a very michele-ish dress!!hehe....

Lastly, not forgetting the ppl of LMC.thanks for the cake and wishes. caught me by surprise, did'nt you?
lol...thought I caught them disccussing about it outside, was tying to men'dedah'kannya.
But actually, they're talking about something else. my apologies..

and and..the ppl of facebook.flooding my profile with birthday wishes...
hehe...thank you too!!!