Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Pre-Camp post

I dunno whether I dread it or look forward to it.
It's gonna be my 1st time ever camping with other students.
Normally, I join camps from church, so this is like a first time school-camp.
I saw the jadual the other day, and it's like
12am-3am, something about penguasaan minda, then 3am-6am sleep.
Seriously, I don't really think I could stay up till that late.
I always sleep by 2am, because I would be so sleepy and dizzy by that time.
It's like the max-est of the max. that I could go.
Oh well, guess I gotta pray super duper hard for miracles to happen.=)
And I don't think I'm gonna bring my camera.
It could get lost, and it's too precious.
Maybe I'll get the photos from Arif Danial(if he'll let me have it) and/or Blake.
Then I'll update and post after I come back.

Anyway, 26 June is Jarod's Hatch Day.
Sorry I could'nt make it to your birthday party, cause I'll be on the road,on the way back here.Won't be getting back on time.
Really sorry,but I wanna wish you an advanced



Enjoy cukup-cukup in your mansion kays!!!!!=D