Thursday, June 17, 2010

When we were doing add maths....

Okay..I'm just gonna show you the pictures. Which took place in She-Reen's house.
Sorry people...been really busy.

My teamates:

* Tan She-Reen

                                                       * Diviya

                                                  * And Breena...the only one showing her face.

*and me..of course. Modeling Diviya's bag.hehe..

And the lunch.....

*washing plates..

okay..this is in She-Reen's bedroom.

Take 1..

Take 2..

there...we've got it.

We love add maths???

look properly...why is She-Rreen laughing??

Keropok...apparently form Terengganu..bought by She-Reen's dad.

And this..are some dishes for dinner.