Wednesday, July 7, 2010


First, comes the Hari Koperasi post.I've already posted it in my facebook.Because it loads faster there. Too bad. Morever, here will be more detailed kays..

Stop #1.Selling Accessories.betul-betul banyak customer.betul betul untung banyak also. 
             But I did'nt buy, too many at home. Does me no good.

Stop#2.Clothes!!!haha...who would have thought to sell clothes on Hari Koperasi. not bad eh..

Random the canteen.

Random shot #2 the cookie monster's girlfriend. yeah, the couple did'nt annouce it . thats why you did'nt  know. No worries. They're broke up, with the girl dumping the boy at the end of the day.

random shot #3. As a model for Fiona and me.

Stop #3. I don't know what they sell. Sorry, seriously did'nt go and sampat there.

Stop #4. Ahh..this one.selling fruits. From Persatuan bahasa Tamil.

Stop #5. sorry Angeline, could'nt come and help out on that day.
Look look.they even wrote 'Halal'. LOLS.

Stop #6.the DJ of the day.

Stop #7. . Note, MY BOOTH, with "Lucky Draw" going great!!!
hey people, just treat it as sumbangan ikhlas to pengawas la okay..don't merungut too much if you did'nt get the prize.I represent the Lembaga Pengwas to thank you here. ;D

Cute right??

teachers even came to support us. YEAH!!

Stop #8. Basketball club. orange juice and ribena.

stop#9. Persatuan BC.some nutritional even stated what vitamins the drink eh??

stop#10. Pandu Puteri's ping pong ball game.

  Random shot#4. my partner-in-crime of year 2010.

Stop#11. The only thing I know is that, they sell instant noodles.