Friday, July 23, 2010

The Long Delayed Camp post

Sorry for postponing the post for so long. did'nt have the time to upload all this's a chosen 19 from 200 something.=D
So enjoy. But all the sufferings not shown here la..too bad.

 In the waterfall me??this is the only time those people can bully me..hehe

 so preety right.. was in middle of jungle.

 some i dunno what plant.

 this is one of the facilitator.He's a good guy. better than the others at least. there's a one who is very pervert.I don't like him.Can't tell here, it's a girl thing anyway..

 sardines in buluh...then we had it placed on daun banana with rice. A not bad experience, I would say.

 the kononya 'tiger'.It's actually a patung. They wanted to scare us during the night walk, which is at around 2 am. conclusion:plan failed, we had lotsa fun, spoiling their plans. Come'on, we have better sense of logic than this.

 the teachers.only 3 were with us throughtout the whole camp tho.

 Super cute!!!!!pn.Lau's boy boy.


 don't look any closer, it might freak you out.its basically long beans in kinda soup-gravy thing. dunno which is which. then fried chicken.

 group presentation.

 forgotten what blake said, but it was funny.


 then me and arif..

 this faci not bad too. he talk sense.

 the water, actually syrup.

 this is i dunno what cikgu. He was'nt really no comments.

Did'nt have the torturing pics.sigh..oh well, maybe next time.
NOOO!!!!I never want a NEXT time again.