Friday, August 13, 2010

40Days Fast

You know what I decided to fast?
Facebook and Plurk.
Yea I know.
SOO difficult.When I'd been loggin into facebook everyday since I signed up.
And less on blog too.
Did'nt exactly fast blogging, or else I would'nt be here.Hee~
So for the next whole month til Sept 16, don't ever visit my blog.
Won't be updating it.This is the last til fasting period's over.

ps: you could skip the following part and end here, its not very pleasant. Just that I had to blurt it out somewhere.

For xxxxx and x.x.x,

Dearest FRIEND,
You guys made my day.
Selfish dao..thought I told you to tell me if there's any coming on.
And you see me everyday.
Yet it seems to be difficult to just come over and tell me about it.
Don't give excuses, it's not accepted.
Now, I missed the opportunity to do so.
You know what, I really appreciate your HELP.
Thank you very much.
Don't know if I will be able to follow your good example.
Then you might get a dose of your own medicine.
*sigh*wateva lah..It's not like I expected more from you.I'm not gonna even bother telling you about it, kays.Cause I know you will still act the same way.

                                                                                                                             Signed by,