Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Miss FB!!!

Yea..the title says it all.
I'm telling you, I'm lucky not to be fasting blog as well. more week to go, before I can visit facebook or plurk again..Gah!!!
And I visited some friend's blog.....
It's ALL DEAD!!!!
Will you guys please resurrect your blog??It's so dead it smells!!

One week hols almost gone.
One more week to go!
Don't get it wrong, I'm not happy about that okay.
Because every second that ticks by, I'm nearer to SPM!!!!!!!
And and and omygoodness, I still don't know what to study after SPM.
Law??or Doctrate?
why not just be a model!!!strut my stuff on the runway.woots!!
Yea right, you think model so easy arhh???
Very challenging wan leh..
seriously, I can't make a decision, YET!!!
Life, is sooooo dificult sometimes.

Ohoh..I explored Seventeen! not bad leh..
And one more, called the Girlfriendcodes .

And for daphiexn.
A long time no see
It's amazing how you can find people with internet these days.But I'm glad for that.
Hey friend,
how are you?
I think I remember you.
Daphne Poh??Correct??
And you're from Yak Chee right??
I heard that you're studying in homeschool.
How's it?

                                                     Michele =D