Friday, October 29, 2010


Is just so sad.
I don't know how to describe it.
But you know the feeling??
The place that you've gone as a routine for the past few years,
But right after today, you just won't be going there anymore.
You won't be able to step into the place, see the people,
Make friends with people from other schools,
Laugh and joke around,
Getting warned by teacher,
Doing last minute homework only after you reach that place,
Munch on junk food brought by friends,
And hear the teacher play his guitar and sing songs.
Yes, it's my tuition center.
I am gonna miss it, so much.
I know you might think that I ought to be glad that I won't need to go to that dreaded place anymore.
But no, I'm not quite that glad.
Because tuition is FUN, for me.
In a way that I don't experience it elsewhere.

And yesterday,
After hearing Mr Joshua play his guitar,
And sing the song,
'Somewhere over the rainbow'
I felt like crying.
It sounded sad, suits the atmosphere.
And the verse,
it kinda like bring hope,
Hope for the future.
My future.
It seems so 'aih' in a way that I can't describe.
It's not sigh-feeling, I just dunno how to express.
But it's altogether sad, very sad.

I'll miss you, people.
Soon all this shall be history,
All that is left will be memories.