Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As busy as a BEE!

Mon: Felt so sick while working.Could'nt even stand properly. even step takes a big effort.Plus, I still need to serve despite of my ill-feeling.My whole body felt like it's gonna collapse, silly me, bertahan 6hrs straight.Standing somemore=.=

Tues: Supposed to take MC.pop a pill n got better.So did'nt visit the doc.Went back to work.Rush to buy some things that I've been wanting to buy for so  jeans ( I've gotten fatter, may be form SPM stress.Say goodbye to old jeans)  Ended up wasting 3 hrs of my valueble time surveying different shops.Rush home to celebrate Edwin n Ezra's birthday.Snap snap snap photos n ciao to practice paino at Daphne's.10pm start.1pm sleep.

Wed: woke at 7am.Work like $hit. N worse, I'm having a man's voice because of the sore throat.Plus a fever is coming again.AGAIN.can u imagine?

Thurs: eventho it's Thaipusam, kononya public hol.I'll still have to work.No extra pay.wake up at 7am again.Still debating whether to go for cell group bible study at night.

Fri: Work again.til 5pm.Later n longer than ever.Dunno what's gonna come up at night.

Sat: driving test.No not really driving.t's just the comp test.50 quest n I haven't touch the book.
      Night time BBQ at friend's house.

Sun: early morning practice piano before service starts.

fastforward to CNY: I'm still working!!!!!!!!no OFF days.=.=

That's all.Booked for next whole week as well.=.=
And I still got SO many things I NEED to buy.

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