Friday, January 7, 2011

Life in the working lane

I work as a waitress.
Shan't tell u where.
u'll just have to discover urself.XD
Anyway, waitress=boring=serve people.
Yeah, I thought of that too.
Serve people.
Because it doesn't look n feel right.
Before I applied for this job, I thought' What if.What if I meet people form my school??'
Wouldn't it be so awkward?
I mean, not being proud or what.
But as human nature goes, won't it be like so embarrassing to be serving people whom have worked under me before?
Then I think again.
I should humble myself.
I should'nt think like that.
So what if I have to serve them.
So what if I have to serve people who are younger or smaller??
In the bible, eventho Jesus is King of kings, lord of lord, highest above everything, still he came down to earth to serve.
One story is that he washed his disciples feet.
which is like, soooo dirty!!!!!
And I'm just a small small Ketua Murid in some unknown school.
Shoud'nt I be more humble than Jesus??
That's how I smoothen down the 'proudness'.
Excuse me, I hear okay, people will whisper' Michele!!!the KM here?????'
Then I have to serve food n be polite to them like all waitress should.
But still, when I think again, I shouldn't feel hurt.
I should feel happy because I am able to serve others, no matter their class or standard.
Final thought : The first will be the last and the last will be first.

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