Friday, February 11, 2011

Where my future stands?

Until now, 
I still don't know what to study.
I know I know, you'll be like, 
"Huh????NOW?February already leh."
I feel so frustrated everytime I think about this topic.Every single time I see people my age,or younger ones, knowing what they want, knowing what they are going to be in future.I'm so envious of them.
And every single day I worry my beautiful little head over some problems that doesn't seem to be a problem to anyone else.Okay correction,not very beautiful head, but it's pretty enough for me.*sigh*my black mob of hair might turn grey soon.
Everybody who asks me the quest as to what course im gonna take,
I just answer'Dunno'
Which uni?Dunno.
Which subject are you most interested in?Dunno.
What is your ambition?Dunno.
And my 'Dunno' is not the relax-ing dunno, the kinda answer that is laid back n endah tak endah.
It's a very stressful dunno okay.
The options I have is :science , law, language, mass comm, maybe human resource.or public relation.
NO finance, business, accounts.
That's all I know of myself.
Among those , I might end up with two.
Law or science.
Which is of two different things, two different world.
then later branching into so many fields, for example, science-doctor?pharmacist?genetics?dietician?
*big big sigh*

You know what,the last choice is to study culinary arts, become a chef, n then apply for manager post at Oldtown White Coffee.
Okay, joking.
I'll work till I work then I'll kiss old own goodbye.I'm never going back there again after that.

So help me, anyone?
The only thing I can do right now is to sit back, pray n wait super patiently.*sigh*

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