Friday, April 8, 2011

Melacca series Day 1 Part 1

So last last week, I followed She-Reen's fam to Melacca for a trip.
To er...celebrate our SPM results.heh~
This post would be on Day 1.
Till lunch only.

Warning: The photos are taken professionally.
Ahem....taken with DSLR ok.
Still, thou shall not skip the words and description.

The hotel's swimming pool.

When boring-ness strikes!

Then, We went to this awesome-mosome restaurant for lunch.
Superb delicious!

The menu

interior of the restaurant

random lantern

Rice balls

 aiyah...I also lazy, seterusnya, sendiri tengoklah.LOL


Photo of  the day:

LOL.this is funny.It's like my ostrich neck suddenly elongates next to She-Reen.

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