Monday, May 9, 2011


I just realise that I did something stupid.
Incredibly stupid when I wore baju kurung(in previous post)
How I found out?
So today I went for form 6 registration.
And I wore a baju kurung.
Borrow from Ajin.(Lucky she has one)
Cause I'm not gonna study form 6.(reassuring myself)
Anyway, I wore the skirt and you know I realise that the folded part is to face you left.
omygosh.See that picta??the arrow pointing to the folded side of the skirt is to be faced to your left.
And you know what, I wore it to the right in the last post.
Embarassing dao.....aiyoh.
And most of all, I wore it to a malay wedding.
And they must have saw but was too nice to point it out to me i guess.
ps:  thank god I wore it right today.phewww~

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