Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gyming and things

So Friday, which is yesterday, I went gym-ing again, with my faithful gym companion,

*was taken with my hp, therefore the 'cha' quality.and I edited on the film effects.

And there you got it, my hairstyle to college almost everyday now.
Cause you know, my college is in the city hub.
And air pollution is the worst there, and I have started to get concious of my SK2 skin.
But yeah true, that's why I clipped my hair up, so that it won't encourage more pimples on my forehead.
Plus I've been sleeping late everyday. without afternoon naps.
At least in high school I have time to nap and rest in the middle of the day.
Back to topic, 'She' is my college mate.haha...
and talking about pimples, she has totally no pimples at all loh..
I'm jealous.@-@.
And gosh, she's so serious about exercising, she actually used the 'running-machine' for 20mins.
I, on the other hand, 3 mins only, then beh tahan already.*laughs*
I kinda did that on every gym
But I was q-u-i-t-e serious on using the er..I dunno what is it called.
The you know, stretch-biceps/triceps-machine.
And yeah, this morning,I got up with ultra painful arms.*die*
Price you have to pay for a great BOD.haha...

Oh oh oh, I shall talk about pasar malam.
oh gosh, how many months since I actually browse the little stalls there.
I was hoping to meet my schoolmates there you know, but none came.=((
I didn't meet anyone I know, AT ALL.*sad*
I discoevered a few things tho,
I don't buy any fried food anymore.
In my combat with pimples, I decided to try reducing these delicious yet 'pimple' food for some time.*hope I manage to do it till my sk2 skin comes back, fighting!*
And I am not interested in jewelleries anymore.
In pasar malam, there are actually a lot of China sellers, selling china-jewelleries .
Some looked really dazzling and pretty.
Amazingly, I walked past without a second glance.
Well the first glance was to see what it is, of course.
So no second glance.haha..
Seriously, I have stopped buying them.
All those necklaces and braclets and girly things that I once liked----history.
Awwwwwwww.......I shall spend money on facial stuffs now.LOL
Don't worry.No make-ups, YET.

In my class, earrings are actually the 'trend' now.
So the other day, I was thinking, since I got so many of those, let me flaunt mine.*rubs hands gleefully*
So I wore my white hairband with matching white earrings.
Just before I stepped out of the door,
My ever so responsible mother, as always,
'Michele!!!!!!you going fashion show or what, har???'
Oooooooops, what-to-do.
Caught red-handed, retreated my steps back.
So I went to college, the plain-ol-michele, TO
Aiyah Michele is going to college to study, no boyfriend yet, so no need to accessorise myself.*comforts self*

Eh you people ahh, read my blog and never leave a trace behind.
Leave a comment lahh....
Encourage me a
You know why I have been able to keep my blog up till now??
Because of Breena, who always always let me know that someone is still reading my blog, and following up with it.
I thought no one ever reads it , till I met people and they tell me,
Michele, I read your blog.
Aiyoh, rupa2 masih ada orang baca blog aku.
tapi, comment lah sikit.=)

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