Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Michele's Tots

Before I start, something for you to laugh about.If you follow these instuctions:

‎1. Go to google
2. Search for "top 50 women on the internet"
3. Select the 1st link
4. Look at Number 7
5. Laugh hard!!!

So I had a lotta thoughts lately.
Namely about my choice of future.
You know, when I applied for all the government scholarships last 2 month?
And I was hoping and hoping but didnt get???
And I was so frustrated then.
It's like I could just lash out and scold God if God was there, as in human form.
Then I reapplied, but till now, no news yet.
So I guess I'll be in Brickfields forever.
I mean till I graduate.
But I found out something else,
that what I want may not be what God has in mind.
And I think, I believe that BAC is THE place for me.
lol. I don't know how to explain.
I don't enjoy dao like really heaven style.
But it wasn't realy that stressful.
Eventho I had to take public transport to n fro, 
eventho the place is famous for it's 'acid-attacks ',
but up till now I've been quite safe.
And I had enough time to get closer to God,
time to study and play, 
to online n watch Korean dramas,
to exercise n swim.
Yeah, I realized all that as of today.

And I found answers while reading Luke today.
My moral teacher was asking, since Jesus was born in New testament, does that mean He isn't present in Old testament?How could a God be born just like that?
And she resorted to saying, In Islam, bla blabla..
And I asked around but only found satisfying answers today.
In Luke 20:42,(David's psalm)
The LORD(God)said to my Lord(Jesus).
Jesus was there when David was alive, which means Jesus was there all the while.
Sorry nonbelievers, guess you wouldn't understand what I mean.
But it's just something I acknowledge.
And it's kinda for Breena too.Hehe..
It's not correcting you, Breena, it's sharing. LOL
I got a better understanding of the concept of afterlife too.
Which is part of my moral project also.
In Luke 20: 34-38.
Heaven would be so different from earth.
a)Marriage does not occur there.
b)We will not die anymore.
c)we will be similar to angels and are sons of God.

I feel so great.Getting all the answers needed.

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