Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My SK2 Face

People ask, How are you, Michele??
And I answer, Good, with a lil bit of college stress.
What Happened?
Pimples happened, on my smooth and perfect SK2 face.=(((
Seriously, since last week, 2 huge pimples showed up at my face.
Or rather, cheek.
My first ever.Usually they just do their job at the T-zone.Never my face!!
Now it's there and not dissapearing yet.
How how how??
I blame it on college.Listen carefully,it's...
Brickfields Asia College!!!
Dont ever go there if you wana have SK2 face.
What do I do now??
My beautiful face.I've gone to the extent of placing tomatoes and cucumbers on it.
It just doesn't even budge an inch.

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