Monday, January 16, 2012


I feel bad.Like really.Since I always always do short-cut on my blogposts.
Like post something boring or some kinda summary on what's happening and all.

Never once did I do it properly.
Ok, maybe yes,but few.
However, the past fews are pathetic.Like VERY pityful.

Even if I do have photos to post also I would post them all, with no captions etc etc etc.
Most of the time, it's just a 'ok I post photos see by yourself.'
You know, like those little kiddie books on read it youself and do-it-yourself kinda thing?
So today, I mean this post, will be a bit better.*cross fingers* Hope so.
I have to fight the urge to procrastinate blogging or just posting some nonsense short essay summary thing just because I am busy.

Well, come to think of it, I AM busy everyday.
Every moment.And I shall stress it again.
I spent 4 days a week in college.FOUR tiring days!!!!

And still, I used up one hour of my  lifetime  on this post and it's photos.
Ok, I gotta admit, my photoshop skills sucks max.
Whatever....Coz I say GO NATURAL!!!LOLOL *lazy people's famous excuse*

My first stop, would be in Kenny Rogers, IOI Mall.
on a side note, I remember my siblings and I, we used to call it 'OI Mall.' or something funny.I can't really remember.
I don't care if it's not funny, coz I can't recall what we used to call it now,
but at this point of time, you should still laugh anyway.*i am selfish*

Remember in my previous post, I did say something about a buy-1-get-1-free package on I dunno what date.
It's only a one day thing.
Momo saw it on The Sun, so there we went.
Ok, just her, me and lil bro.Still counts as 'we' right?=DD
Make it sound like a 'partay'!

Here's a first,

 * I mosaic-ed momo's face coz she was scolding my lil bro, I think.For running around.
    Thus, she should not spoil my otherwise nice balloon background pic.=DDD

And then, I got really bored.Waiting for my food to come.

 *perfectly arranged cutlery.

And then it came, yoo-hoo!
For two of this plate, RM 16.90!!(exclude tax and service bla bla)

And then one pic of my lil bro.

*HAHA.I seriously don't know why I'd took these muffins.
But whatever, I took the trouble editing the lighting and brightening
It HAS to come out here.

This is..Tea Latte Frapuccino Cuppucinno idontno.I can't really remember lah!
Kenny-Rogers, Don't sue me kay.
Not deliberately trying to make your drinks sound funny.

Chocolate milkshake, I think.
Oh com'on, my brain don't store unecessary random drink's name..
I only remember important gotta forgive me.
I did try, okay.

 Oh, and the condition for you to get a buy-1-free-1 is to wear red.

And then, we walked around.And found this flower kinda thing at dynasty dragon restaurant(something like that), And took the opportunity to take some pics.
Pretty much??
I am perasan, thank you.
Excuse me, no edit kay.
Able to come out so nice(nicer than usual) is a BLESSING!!HAHA

One more, superwoman pose.


Next, My friends and I went to Pavillion the very next day.

 The Tokyo Street, in Pavillion.

 But we decided to eat in a restaurant called DING TAI FUNG.
I say, caution: I SERIOUSLY(not joking) DONT LIKE THE FOOD LOH!!!!!

 *watse my RM 11.No VEGE No MEAT.
Oh yeah, it's called Dan-Dan mee.
I will not be spiteful here, because I can come out with a lot more sacarstic description if it.
Don't forget I graduated with a diploma in sacarsm.
BUT really, I will NEVER re-eat there again.

And we took photos in the very famous 'women zone'.

 I had to post this, they are too cute to resist.;D

And then one in Daiso.
Fact: most stuff comes with the label 'made in China'.

 Tokyo street.Too pretty.
And Li Li had to spoilt it. =DDDD

The Decor in Pavillion.
Really prettyful.

Trying to be shorter than my other friend, Siah Fong.
But obviously, not successful.HAHA
I am bad, sorry.

 Posing in front of a dragon.And trying to mimick it.

 One of my favourite pose.

Last one.I promise.

 And one in the dressing room, while waiting for Li Li to finish trying her stuffs.

I spent the most time on this blog.Consider it's quite a short entry.
With less than 30 photos.*i think
Trying to make it better than usual.Successful much?;D

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