Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello, God??

How nice, if we really could pick up the phone and start dialling and talking to God.
You would probably say yeah we can do that.
But it's a one way communication.You get it??
I dont really get to hear God say, Hello, Michele!
When I say, God, it's an emergency!I need to hear your voice now, NOW!
God, in His wonderful ways, didnt directly speak to me, but I found the solution.
I know what I need to do now.

I'm still in the wilderness, slowly getting back to the right trail.
But the process is so slow!Gotta practice patience, Patience and consistency.
*Wahlao.What a combo that Michele doesn't have!*
After getting lost in the woods for such a LOONG time, I've finally started and decided, to go back to the right path.
So it's just baby steps for now.
And it isn't without God's help.He called me, to start it with Him again.
LOL.MADE me...
Okay la fine.I chose to. So it's fair ok?

And it's nice, having the chance to do this, with friends, friends whom I can team up with.
I mean, apart from God.Because I need human friends too you know.
So I'm hopeful, that I can experience Him again.
The way I did when I was younger.
You know, *when I was younger*, when I pray I could almost feel God beside me, hearing me, eventhough He doesnt speak.
I got lost for too long a time, so I'm going back now.
Procrastinate for too long.
Everytime I know I'm supposed to spend my QT with God, I always end up doing something else first which lead to another thing and another.
Well, you know how it goes..

So, I'm praying hard, and trying HARD, to be consistent this time.
Because I've failed Him TOO MANY times that even I am ashamed of myself.
So I'm gonna do it right this time with God's help.

God, you CANT EVER abandon me.
And You promised me, all things I've ever wanted shall trail me, if I SEEK You first.
So You cant go back on that, and You've gotta help me along the way.Which I know You will.
Thank you for being my God and a God that cares:')

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