Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The First-2013

*pops confetti*
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Okok, I know I am late, but just one day la!
It's 2013! Woohoo ! I'm 20!
Ps:I don't care about the exact date which I turn 20.For all intent and purposes when people ask, how old are you?
Don't tell me you want me to answer, 'oh another six months and twenty five day I'll be twenty.'
*roll eyes*
That sounds so wrong.Of course, I'm telling them I'm twenty, regardless of how mathematically it is wrong.Who cares anyway, if you are official or unofficially your age.

On side note, I can't believe this!I'm in my twenties!!

Hmm, I'm thinking what will happen in this decade.
It's just another nine years to go ok.
Will the world end?Will I be able to b a successful lawyer?
Will I be able to live a life of purpose?
Will I be able to travel?
How many people will benefit from my life?
On a more personal view, will I get married?
*laughs* seems far away, but hey, time flies!
Will I be a millionaire by thirty?
Will my grandparents still be alive ?:(
This means time is running out , can't take my own sweet time.
(grandpa's not saved):((((

I'm blessed, to have wonderful grandparents.
Not matter what happens they are still the same, they never change.
The care and love remains, as it was, and still is.
As a little kid, I always always wore dresses.
I dare say, dresses fit for the bride!Really, it's all just so prettiful, handmade by my dearest grandma.
Like little princess, full of laces, ribbons, flowers, colours!
All custom made!I know it's a privilege.(Hey, I'mnot bragging.Just being thankful, and counting my blessigns)
Thats why I am blessed.I never have to buy!and even the clothes in the stores out there cannot compare to the clothes I once wore..

And I had the best days when I was a kid, playing in the 'jungle' with my cousin.Well, it's not really a jungle,more of a rubber plantation.
Nevertheless, it's close to one!
We get to see snakes and other scary creatures.
Beautiful birds, crickets, even eating squirrel/bat meat!

Sigh, I could go on and on.Well, those are the times.

But there is still hope, even in 2013, this year could yet be the best year of my life,or your life!Who knows:)
Well, despite it being the first year of my degree, despite the stress, despite the bleak economy, one thing is for sure.
My God never change.
That, is a statement, a fact.
His love for you and me remains.=)
And because of that, I can look forward to a new year, a year of hope and joy.
My hope is in Him,
Blessings shall come my way!Hurray!

And now, here's to the year 2013!

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