Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Little Add. Math Expedition

On Wednesday, my team for add. maths project, all except for Diviya,
went to SUNWAY!!!!
Supposedly Diviya's mum bring us there, but too bad, her grandad pass away,, or so I sorry to hear that.
And thanks to Breena's mum for driving us there and later joining us.
Anyway, Breena, She-reen and I went to check out prices of the barang-barang's.
We have to jot down prices from different stores and later compare it.
First stop, Jusco.
And You know what?the most humiliating thing was that we were NEARLY shoo-ed out.
Maybe I am exaggerating.
But we were in stationary department and one guard came and was like' Cannot take photos.'    ==
I cannot deny that I am not furious. Because I am!!
The problem is that, we are NOT doing anything wrong like being spies from other supermarkets. Or enjoying breaking the rules to take photographs of those stuff.
Rather, we are kinda made COMPULSORY to do this kinda thing.
You think I 'eat full full and shake leg' nothing to do??
I am not blaming anybody here.
Because it's not the teacher's fault.
Because it's not the guard's problem.
Because it's not our suggestion to do this kinda research without anything to back up on us.
Because we should be given some kinda license to do this kinda thing.
Be it papers or cards or anything, anything would do.
As long as they understand we are not doing anything wrong.
Because I certainly wouldn't appreciate it if we were misunderstood and end up being seriously kicked out.'s over. For now. Let's not dwell in the past.

Talk about food.Talk about in the restaurant....

* this is the restaurant we went.

The food and drinks we had...sorry,you have to use your imagination to further 'taste' the food.
I forgot the names...

and finally the people .

ps: My cam was out of battery, so thanks Breena, for the photos.=D