Friday, June 11, 2010

Of Peacehaven,Genting Part 2

continued from ' Of Peacehaven,Genting part 1 '

Looking out my window, I see....

                 *the fog/mist covering the trees.

*Early morning....
   *you see the moon???

   *sunrise moment..

*comes evening...

*night time..the MOON!!Light in the darkness..hehe..

Right, enough of scenery shots.Take a look at some activities...

                  *morning dance...where the sifu is in front.

   *the followers..

Then, we have group work, one of the activities is drawing a beetle by throwing dices.
If you get, 1 - legs
              2 - eyes
              3 - feelers
              4 - tail
              5 - head
              6 - body

                  *my group's product.(group 1)

                  *okay..I dunno what group is this...

                  * this should be group 4.

Guess I left out one of the's not on purpose.

At night, worship session..

                  * poor boy..observe..he's the human microphone stand.LOL
   * the people..

 Finally, Group photo..
   *You spot me???