Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Of Peacehaven, Genting Part 1

Im soooo sorry..but it's not my fault.
I try to update and halfway, the computer shuts down, on its own.hmmph..
but get ready people, it's gonna be a quite a long post...teehee
I went Genting last the midst of my mid-terms..
yes..u did not hear me wrong.It's a weekend thing.Friday to Sunday.
It's a camp by FGA parent support group or something like that.
But it was totally fun.
Met new friends too, and a lota small little kids!!
and i love love love their all-girls camp band.super duper alive!*dance around*
Sometimes, I do miss all the jumping around during worship.
oh...the place is super cool but cold.
I mean it, below 30 celcius man....
Before sleep you gotta cover yourself with 2 blankets.TWO!!
and the room's without air-con.
Every morning when you wake up, you start to feel warm.
But once your toes touch the floor, you gonna jump so high it's like stepping on ice.

Not bluffing.
But the scenery's great and awesome. Very nature.
Anyway, let the photos do the talking.

(something to share with you guys)
I am be a blessing=)

On the way.....

   *green greeen trees.

    *the place where I stayed.

                   *one could play basketball here.*chuckles*

       *the room.did you notice, no fans on ceiling.It's is already cold enough.

 * the game we played on the first day. "The Red Sea.Opponents have to guess each other's name when the cloth drops.

                  *lol at my bro. tryin to put the cap onto his friend's head.

   * the people guessing who's who.they are really enjoying it.


                          * first attempt of family shot.not successful.

* second attempt.


   *fourth.whew, made it thru.
   *final shot for the day.

Okay...more on next post.


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