Monday, June 7, 2010

Matter Of Honor

I just finished a book' Word of Honor' by T.Elizabeth Renich.
Published by Emerald Books.
                              *the book

                              *the author

And I tell You, I absolutely love love love this book!!!!!!
I love this book. Have I mentioned it earlier?
Oops..sorry.Yea, you get the picture.
Seriously, get your hands on this book.
I think I'm I can't help it!!
It's a story about a family during the America's Civil War.
Quote from the book: With a rare powerful glimpse of American history, WORD OF HONOR is saga of life, love, death, courage in a divided land. The saga of a Confederate Family, in the midst of a magnificent explposion of history.
Okay, don't want to be spoilers any more than I am right now.hehe..
And I am grateful to Elizabeth Renich for writing this book.
The way the story is plotted, description of events, of people, of suitable verses in between circumstances, really interesting and inspiring.
I'm thankful for the chance to read this fabulous book.
Gosh, you just gotta read this book.