Sunday, June 20, 2010

School Reopens Tomorow

Yeah..I know, it's getting a lil boring with the 'school reopening' thing.On facebook, plurk...everywhere.
But I can't think of a better title, it's supposed to be boring anyway.
It's like a few days ago, I can't wait for school to reopen. But now, I'm dreading it.
'Cause I suddenly realize that if school reopens,
I'll be a step nearer to SPM,
There'll be loads of homework that's gonna pile up,
I'll have to return back to my old routine of go school, nap, eat, study and sleep.
Tons of revision to do,
And I'll have to kinda like 'memikul tanggungjawab sbg KM'
(which is not a bad thing really, but it means that I'll have a lot of stuff to do)

On the other hand, I'm gonna meet the people/friends in school.
You know, it's like my last year in school.
So I'll have to treasure every moment.hehe...
I know I'm gonna miss everybody once I step out from that school.
Yeah, but sometimes time flies tooo fast.
And in today's fast paced world, it's difficult to stop,
breathe, reflect and just take in everything around you.
Okay,enough of emo-ing.
I should probably just be 'happy-go-lucky'.

Oh oh, I wana wish all readers here,
all the best in your next half 2010.
Study smart!!!!=D

ps: vivian tan, if u're reading this, can u just drop a comment in the chat box.wanna visit ur blog, but i dont have the link.