Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shiver and Twilight and The Proposal

I finished 'Shiver' yesterday. It's a book by Maggie Stiefvater.
Pinjam-ed  from Breena.
1st thought was like ' It's bout Werewolves ???No thanks..'
Then Breena said ' It's brimming with romance!!!'
Okay, so I pinjam-ed. And in the end I love it..
well..Every book is amazing for me.
I think my blog is gonna be full of books that I've read.
'Cause it's like, every time I finished a book, I'll be so into the story, every chance I got, I'd wanna talk to poeple about it.
So, bear with me.hehe..Sorry, can't help it.

Oh..I finally watched' Twilight.'
Okay..the book is better at it.Duhh..
But I was wondering why nobody ever talk about the doctor.
Who looks much better than Edward Cullen (In my opinion, no offence)

And I watched 'The Proposal'.
Really very nice.
And yes, it's funny and touching at the same time.
I was watching at 3a.m. in the morning, in between She-Reen and Breena on the bed.
Who are already asleep and dreaming.
And then, halfway thru, I was laughing at the movie.
But laugh as loud as I can, could'nt wake them both. Kinda dissapointed though.
Anyway, I did enjoy the movie. =)