Saturday, June 5, 2010

Start of mid hols

I want to blog about my camp last week..
but the photos took forever to upload.*gives up, for now*
Anyway, exams are OVER!!!that calls for a celebration,yeah??
All form 5 were given holiday homework to finish during hols.
But, thats not gonna stop me from enjoying while i can.
i wana sleep as long as I want!
Seriously,all the stress are making everyone sick.
Im glad that i manage to survive all this while.Not proud, but glad.
halfway thru the school days, i often imagine myself fainting and falling down while walking.
Funny, i know.
A result of overloaded with things to accomplish and staying up late night always.
SPM is like barely 5 months away. But time flies..too fast actually.
Maybe im glad, but not.
whichever it is, let's hope for the best.
yeah..i nearly forgot..credits to Josh for helping me cipta the name of my blog.hehe..

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