Sunday, July 18, 2010


I so do not understand why is everyone so anxious to get into NS next year.
I have not checked yet, because I might have a heart attack at the result.
The other day, I read from my handphone, the message started off like this ' Tahniah!! Anda telah berjaya......'
I didn't even finish reading, I nearly fainted.
Okay, exerggerating.
But it's partly true okay. So don't laugh.
So the message ended up talking about some contest that I never joined but got the prize.
Somemore say proven on tv3 10pm. Blahh..heaps of rubbish.
Whoever the sender is, sorry, wrong choice.wasted your credit.
I'm not so stupid as to believe you.
Yeah, coming back to NS.
I nearly died on the last camp, which is only a pathetic 2 day kinda thing.
NS is like i heard 3 months??
How could I survive.
I'm totally serious.
Unless God intervine and miracles happen, then I would survive.
or unless God says for me to go, then I will go.(reluctantly)
*thinks* maybe I won't kena after all.
Will check when I have the courage.