Friday, July 30, 2010


Okay.This is totally a first!=)

Ten different things I wish I could say to 10 different people
(seriously, this is alot more difficult then I expected it to be)
I can't think of anything here, because I if wished to talk, then I would say it out loud to that person.

Nine things about myself:
1. I dunno what I'm gonna study after SPM.=((
2. Dance!!I loved dancing, but I can't dance anymore, because of my backbone prob.
3. I love fruits!!
4. I super love books.(as in novels, not textbooks, mind you,=D)
5. I love being in the band with Darynn Wee and Isaac Kuan. They rock!!!!!wooots!!But I do miss having guitarists around .
6. I like my blog. Alot.. LOL
 Okay, I think I got enough of loves,gonna start with dislikes.
7. Don't like situations where some poeple goes forgotten by the crowd.They sit alone and being lonely. My heart just goes out to them.
8. Dislike having to wake up at 6.30am every morning.If I can, I wana sleeeeeeeeeep cukup2 and puas2.
9. Dislike creepy-crawlies. But I don't really jump and scream my lungs out when I see one.Dont' worry.hehe..

Eight ways to win my heart in a relationship.
#1: He must be superrrr sweet. I can't describe exactly how, he'll have to know it to do it.=D
#2: He must play a music instrument. I don't care which, but be super good at  it.
#3: Get me boxes of Cadbury chocolate everytime he visits me .(ahem, only valid for Cadbury)
#4: He must be able to create songs, for me. And sing it and play it.
#5: Physically attractive.*and do not wear weights around his ankles* 'D
#6: Able to make me smile when I'm down.Duh..
#7: Send me flowers every morning.ROFL
#8: and able to bear my 'boss-zila' attitude.xP
Okay, I don't think there will ever be a person as described above, its too high a standard.

Seven thoughts that crossed my mind a lot:
1. What the S H I T..
2. SPM!!!
3. Time flies.
4. Vampire diaries!!
5. And the Twilight saga.
6. I can't concentrate!!
7. I need to start studying and revising.(But it never happens, =(  )

six things I do before I sleep:
1. Brush teeth. and floss. and wash face. 
2. comb hair.
3. wear pyjamas.
4. read some books.
5. pack school bags.
6. check inbox messages in handphone and delete message junks.

Five people who means a lot:
1. God
2. God 
3. and God.
4. Mum
5. Friends

Four things I'm wearing right now:
every single normal thing that a girls wears xD

3 songs I listen to often:
1. Mum's scoldings of course.
2. I seriously dunno.randomly. most prob from Hillsong and Planetshakers. Because I only enjoy those.

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Call for everyone to meet me and thank them for playing a role in my life, and also asking for forgiveness.=)
2. Hear God says, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.'
( but I seriously doubt, if I could be so good.Well, maybe in the future)

One confession
I can finish a whole big bar of Cadbury in one day.

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