Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mooncake and more pressies

First, showing my first ever received mooncake this year..thanks friend,for this..

the 4 at a glance..SOOO delicious right??taste it taste it!!!!!(in your imagination =D)

 Just ate this one, its er..dragonfruit.
sorry ar...I'm still learning photography skills.angle may not be so nice lol..

Look at this boy, he's so enjoying.Eat dao......

And the belated bufday pressies.....Thanks ya!!!hugs to Liyana and Fiona!!!

From: Liyana

and this earring rack from: Fiona..
ps: showing just half of my collection..hehe..not gonna show all....

pss: did u notice tat the presents are like related?maybe they planned beforehand..haha..