Friday, September 24, 2010


My cousin sis came down for some meeting.A 2D 1N trip and stayed in Sunway Resort Hotel.Miss her so much!!!!!Long time no see wan 2 years ady.

The scene:
After english paper......
Rush to chinese class.We did 1 summary and wasted whole hour(nearly) on it.
You know why...because the teacher keep repeating and repeating the same sentence.Over and over again.
And thru-out the whole class I was like' Faster la...!!!issh...'
Ok. wateva.reach home at 1.30pm.

At 3.00pm.Reached Sunway pyramid to meet my cuz.Well she's from JB.Skudai or something like that.
Yeah..and everywhere she walks, people turn heads.
Mum was like' Hey just now ah..some man keep looking at you only.'*laughs*
And she was like' Oh..biasa ady la!!!Normal to me.'
then we went to some herbal shop.I forgot to look at the name.and I forgot to take pictures.
Oh well....
Anyway, the shop sells only Guilingao(chinese herbal jelly) and chinese tea.Herbal tea??ahhh...not very sure.
But it was ok la.Note: ok .coz it's tasteless and you're suppose to add honey.I betul betul tak biasa.
Still, it's good for health. 
I prefer mum's homemade Guilingao.It's still the best!*winks*
Here, the one and only group photo:

From left: My aunt, cuz, the cuz, me, bro, mum.

Random pics we took while waiting.Don't know what's wrong with everybody.Got mood to take photos.I belive it's a good sign!!!hee~

 My mum and aunt.

 Me and bro.

Upclose.Did you notice my collar??I was trying out the new trend.You know, those stand up collar.Don't know whether I did it correctly or

One more pic of the sisters.

                                                                                The end!!