Monday, October 18, 2010

The Day after trials

So the day after trials.
She-Reen and I, decided to go Sunway pyramid!
Aim: To exercise.
Yes.Exercise as in walk.You know we walked the whole mall.
Burned off calories.
And at the end of the day.We weighted less than when we went in.
LOL.okay, so it was partly true.
Except we did not weigh ourselves, just the feeling of it.
Breena did'nt go with us.
Cause she has bible class or something.
Yeah..she is always busy on Sat's.
So..both of us.SR and me.Two by two,decided to....Rock the world!!!

I wanted to practice walking on heels.
Yes..practice.Don't laugh.I'm not very good at it.
But then, we gonna exercise, who exercise in heels anyway??
Yeah..preety much the starting of the day.
So over there.
Did'nt watch any movies.
Nah..gonna tell you.
I don't like watching movies in shopping malls.
Coz :
I prefer watching at home.
Where I can relax.
Eat whatever stored at home.
And pause whenever I like.
And fast forward at boring parts.
Best of all!!I get to choose the most comfortable place at home, at the 'Michele's spot.
Not some ragged seat so short I can't lean my head back.
Yes.My body is long.
But I don't mind if I get free tickets to movies.XD
So so so..
Walked and walked.
She-Reen: I did'nt eat my breakfast.Wana go eat lunch.
Michele:    Let's go.

Outside of Kitschen we saw the contest that was going on.
For those of you who didn't know, its a contest starting from sept to Nov.
Where people dress up in clothes from Kitschen and snap photos of themselves in the dressing room.
The monthly winner gets RM 500 here:Kitschen
Srs, I don't even know why I'm promoting.
Oh well.Whatever.Yes, you'll know the story as you read on.
SR and I, we decided to join the contest.
And the pics:

Nice right??Yes.Admit it.esp the first one.
And we sent in the photo.the topmost one.
And guess what!!!
We are'nt even shortlisted!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah..That's why I was sooo sad the other day.
Descibed in the previous blog post.

Then, we walked.
Lady gaga!!(the right one, buatan Malaysia)
LOL.that was what the emcee said anyway.
Took a photo.
Don't know who's the left one.

The I-don't cute with the kid!!

 With the zebra-man.

In front of an amazing five star mirror:
We perasan-ted.
(did you notice at the photo at kitschen, we wore almost the same style?)


 *this is for smokers out there.and anyone who wants an amazing butt.

And my dessert ordered at  MY HONEYMOON DESSERT:

 *srs delicious!!!!!not lying.I dunno the full name.But it's called mango something something.

 Last pic of us: