Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jamuan Pengawas

Day: :Last Sunday
Venue: Some club
What? Jamuan Pengawas 
Featuring who? Us prefects la..
*the pics are arranged at random.
*credits to ayip for photos.

*the balls....I mean the disco balls.XD

the guest started to come in..

registration table

the makan place

 **the BBQ hotdogs.Yummy.

This dish is called : Teochew porridge

*the 'sapu food' place.

the teachers

the er..form 5 pengawas.

*keperasanan of Cheng Li.

Emcees for the day

*ahem..queen of the day.LOL.ok.perasan max.
was actually giving ucapan.=D


my game group

the form 3's

form 2's

form 2's

form 4's

form 5.LOL

I personally like this.Chioness!!

Form 4 and 5.

Cheng Li and Law Min.

Dancing and singing to the beat.

clap clap

dance dance

Lucky draws.(part)

grand prize.RM 80.woots!!

Did you realise that I didn't get anything??not even one??
Soo  sad.even Sruthi and Khavsalyah got one each.




the form 4 and 5's onstage to sing.

Group photo:

I love the pictures!!
I'm so gonna miss school after SPM.
I'm gonna miss my fellow friends, prefects,teachers, and even the school building
And the Laksa at the canteen!!!=D