Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunway MC

Some people are just so melampau betul.
So I went to Sunway.
The hospital i mean.
Don't worry I'm in pink of health.
followed my mum coz she's going for some 'is snoring dangerous' forum or something like that.
So I studied in the canteen.
which is near to freezyfying.
don't say' wow michele you're so rajin.'
= =
I always get that from people.
and I feel offended by it ok.
because it didn't come out as praise.
more like.'C'mom michele get a life, does your life have to be revolved ard books?'
so i don't like it.
anyway, back to topic.
I visited the toilet.
which is like so nice.
they provide tissue for you in each toilet room.
Note: tissue.not toilet roll.
and they provided some liquid like some antibacterial stuff for you to wipe the seats.
I heard this woman from the next door.*can hear wan kay the sound of tissue being pulled*
BECAUSE the tissue is FREE.
She pulled more than 5 times.
more than 5 okay. urine need so much tissue to wipe meh.????= =
just because it's free you pull as much as you like lah.

i went out to wash my hands.
and there's also tissue provided to wipe hands.
I saw someone before me who grabbed a whole bunch of tissue like seven or so.
Used two to wipe hands and others thrown away.
Still in a bunch.
Like WTH is wrong with you??
So what if it's free??
use appropriately lah..
This is just too much mann....
Don't be so not rasional okay.

I don't mind if you bring a bunch of tissues home to use.
I've seen before people doing that.
But this is like just for the fun of it,you pulled all out and waste it.
OVERly non human.= =


Addition: just thought of it.
                               she may be using it to wipe the toilet seat.
                               ooops. ;p
                              And I didn't go just to study there, coz got tuition after that,so on the way loh...