Thursday, November 11, 2010

When the Japs came...(part 1)

Phew....I'm seperating the photos into 2 parts.And it'll be the last post till 14 Dec, if I'm not mistaken.
Which is after SPM.Gosh, 10 more days only!!
Gotta focus and concentrate on it.
I always feel guilty after online-ing for such long hours.
Right, Cut the crap.

Gunmo Chuo High School Japan(or something like that)

PS: the photos are arranged in random order.
     : I'll be uploading the 2nd part.Soon I hope.But for now, enjoy.

Food for them.Actually happens at the end of the day.

My 'Twin'.
I think we look so alike.In this photo.
I mean 1st glance.Don't stare too long.

They presented us a song.

Great song.And they're so energetic singing it.

Where??LOL.I dunno.Didn't get to see it.

When they came, lining outside the hall before going in.

pretty right the girl, in the center.sitting down one.
Too bad, don't know who.
This is er...Chinese tea ceremony.

school's er...tarian 1 Malaysia.Or better,Citrawarna.

their pengetua.Yep.Mr something.Long name.forgot.

this..obviously is from my school to them.

I forgot is from who to who.

group photo


LMBO!!look at her facial expression!!!
Like kena lotery or something.

I think is sepak takraw.

This!!In Malaysia: Teng Teng
In Jap: ' keng keng pak'.their Jap teacher taught me while I was teaching them how to play.
LOL.And when I tell the Jap students of it, they were like smiling and nodding their heads off.
So should be correct la..

Batik Painting
*Credits to Arif, for the photos.*