Friday, December 31, 2010

My experience boarding a bus without mother.LOL

I admit.
LOL.,I'm stupid.
So today I went midvalley.
With my coussie bro.
It's srs NO FUN without girls.=.=
Anyway, talk about my stupidness.
I couldn't blame him because it's not his fault.
He's not even from KL.
So we boarded a bus to midvalley n back to home.
And my mum was like' Look out for the metrojaya bus!!!!!' before sending us off.
So that's what we did.
After shopping, or rather walking for one whole day we decided to go home at 8.30pm.
At the first sign of the bus, we went in n sat.
And the LORD is being so gracious and merciful to me. confession.
I haven't being praying enough, as in everyday.
yes, I sometimes forgot about it even.And my spending quiet time with Him has been blehhhhhh...
He still guards over me n send me home SAFELY.
Back to topic, we're suppose to board some metrojaya bus back home.
And the bus that we hopped in,=.=
Fine, it's my carelessness.
We sat for like 5 mins, and when the bus conductor came to collect busfare, I calmly replied' Puchong'.
And he said 'Ini pergi kota Damansara lah!!!!'
I was like' O my shit!'(okay, i mean not srsly my real's just a way to express)LOL
*panicked* * heart nearly jumped out*
Eventho my coussie is there, he's older n all, but still what a failure I am to be such a shitty tour guide.
And the bus driver said he'll drop me at the next station.
And I panicked more, because I don't know if I'll know the location of the next bus station or how to get back to the original place or how to get back home.
So, the driver did'nt explain.He kindly as in seriously kindly did not take one cent from me, and shoo-ed me down.
And once I stepped down, I as laughing with relief because
Don't ask me how, I don't even know how it ended up dropping me at midvalley.
Because when I first boarded the bus it was opposite direction of traffic flow to midvalley.
The bus station where I first boarded was seperated by two really broad road across midvalley.
So I was thinking no way it could have happen.
Srsly I was so relieved I laughed n laughed evntho I really was dead tired.(after being pulled along by my coussie to the gardens n back to midvalley)
And we walked till we reach the bus station again.
The same place.
Then we saw a bus, it was Puchong Metrojaya Bus.
Thank GOD.
And We boarded the bus, reached home at 10pm.
Eventho we're supposed to reach earlier than that, like 9pm, still I am glad that I would not have to spend the night at Kota Damansara.
Really, dear LORD, what would I do without YOU??
And I'm so grateful that he has watched over me again n again.
Well, I'm supposed to blog about another encounter when I was in another shopiing mall.
Which actually endangered my life too.
But it's getting late, like 12am now, so i'll blog next time.
Or if you really wana know, just ask me personally.^-^
Few photos taken to end this blogpost:

PS: Fly goodbye kisses to 2010!!!!!it's the last day of the year!!

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