Saturday, December 25, 2010

Year 2010 part 1

Before I start, the intonation for these blog posts are melancholic. 
Yes, because this whole year carries a lot of sweet memories.
To be more accurate, this year gathered many memories from the past few years, but it all ends in year 2010.
The photos here shows PART of the people that I won't be meeting next year.
There are a whole lot bunch of people that I'll miss so much.
Yes, separation is indeed sad.
Anyway, this post is about school.

okay I'll talk along with the photos.

this is of me n bree
Breena, I've known breena since form 1.
An euro-asian.And pretty curls for her hair!
And we've stuck to each other ever since then.=)
She was the 1st christian I know in school.
Over the years, we've got a lot more closer n we hang out with each other,

this is she-reen.Or rather, shreen.
I don't know why, but photos always come out looking pretty when both of us are in it.
Some hidden power she's got.LOL
No offense people, everyone of you are pretty.
It's just that I feel we both look exceptionally amazing together,in photos.
Right, shreen??
Yes, she's in my trio gang, with breena.*winks*

Two more photos of us:

LOOK AT HIS SHIRT!!!!He's gonna need lotsa dynamo man!
Daniel.LOL.I remember the way he pronounce my name: my-ke-lee.
Yes, I know he sengaja one.And tease me always on my conducting.( choral speaking)

From left: Jia Yu, Shu qiong, Cui ting. 

ok.the rose among thorns.
From left: Wai Lun, Tilak, Kritz, Eirban, Tiong Hsien.
Wai Lun, as me ketua kelas.
Tilak, the thing I remember most about him is his hair!!!!!!LOL
Kritz, aiyah..I'll still see him one lah.
Eirban: mamak!!!!seriously, open a Mamak stall when you grow up!I shall visit!=D
thanks for sharing the andrewchoo tips with me.
Altho it is not accurate, but still thanks for your generousity!
tiong hsien: I shall miss the time when we huh-ed each other out,get frustrated n at the same time being laughed at .
its not my prob okay, his voice so deep every word has the same frequency.LOL

Athirah!!!!!she has a beau smile n white teeth!!!!LOL
And I love her biscuits n kuih raya!

Nisa, I shall miss the time we perasan each other out!

LMBO!shreen says we look like bgf in this pic, but in realife, it's not ok.
He is just a freind, with fair skin n colgate teeth.LOL 

HAHA!!!!these two has a talent in laughing!!!

My best friend among prefects!>>>>>these two:

My partner-in-crime.Also an amazing photographer.

Div!!!!She's soo pretty now!
And I love her for having so many funny jokes, making us laugh till stomachache!

Karmern, LOL.My pretty toilet partner!!!!I shall miss the times when we go toilet together.

Cui Ting, who calls me her jie eventho her birthdate is earlier than mine!

My two splendid Guru Pengawas!!

Thanks to angeline, this is like the nicest photo we've ever took together.

PS: more photos will be uploaded to FB!
PSS: the photos are in random arrangement, not from 'most imp to not so imp people'.Don't get jealous!! =p