Monday, February 21, 2011


Case 1:
I'm ending my love story at Old Town soon.
Kiss goodbye to boyfriend.(So don't worry Daphne)
Well,It's saddenfying.
Another bye-bye's.Then again, life's full of them eh?meeting n seperating.
Eventho I might not need to meet 'monkey woman' ever again, but still there are some good people there who is really worth remembering.
I remembered Josh mentioning to me that my job is great to take revenge at people like' monkey woman' here.
You know, I could just take a plate full of chili soup (ahh...spicy spicy) and 'accidently' pour it on their head.And shout out as happy as possible: Ooooops,sorry!!!!!
Great idea!But too bad, I didn't have the heart to do that.
I just can't drench anyone I like.
Oh, but I learned a lot .I know every juicy secrets that Old Town holds.
Ask me what's nice n what's not nice, n I'll tell you.XP
I think I might post a photo here of the very last day of me in that place.

Case 2:
A very dear uncle, who is a member of the church, went to heaven last Sat.
Shocking.He was well when I last met him, like one n half month ago.
And suddenly he's not there anymore.
That just shows how short n precious life is.
I went out, upfront to give a tribute with my friends.
A first time in somebody's funeral.*I think I sucked at it*
But anyway, it's over.
Hope he's happy being with the LORD.

Case 3:
SPm results will be out soon.
I'm scared.
You know, the pressure on me to get a perfect score is so huge.
Don't worry I'm not gonna kill myself if the results came out wrong.
I love my life too much for that.
And I still don't know what to study.
Most probably law.
At where?still dunno.
haha.I thought of doing a double degree.Medic n Law.
And someone said: 'Michele, you siao ah?'
okay, I think that it's not possible too.
So I still dunno.I do really wish I could just take both.(which I know never happens)

Case 4:
Seriously I don't understand why did they act like that?
You know, eventho we quareled n disagree on stuffs.
But it's over now.
That is like a grandmother's story already.
In my opinion, we should part happily.Blessing each other's future.
Instead of destroying it.
Let the sweet memory stay where it should be.
How could you 'force' people to wash it away?
Honestly, admit it to youself,eventho the last few months have been bitter, but still we did have good memories together.
Why don't you let it be, instead of trying to forgetting that these things never happened?
Instead of treating it like some bitter n hurtful history??
Because I know it's not.
Right now, it's over.
We disagree n we seperate.
The end of story.
Is it so difficult?
Why is it after that you just have to make it even more painful??
That you just had to do the the follow-ups??
That you just had to part like enemy?
Why can't you make life easier.Seriously, walking past me as tho I'm transparent.Because I know eventho I'm thin n stick n all, people who have eyes can still see me.
Oh whatever, because whatever's done is done.
I'm just blurting out my frustrations here.

Case 5:
I went to a taekwondo lesson last Sun.
At some Selayang primary school.I mean not as the peserta, but as the ahem...personal secretary of the taekwando master.
I still laugh everytime I think about my post.Newly invented on that day.
And the kiddies are so cute.
There was a fat(ahem..plump)boy, before doing a half bridge, blurted out : Alhamdullilah.
I find it so funny.
For those of you who don't know what is a bridge(a gymnastic term):

Don't worry he never did break his backbone.
The best part of that day is, I learned a lot.Life lessons n such.
From my driver, who drove me there.;D
And haha..I finally know what is roti bakar.Stupid me, it's actually just an ordinary bread toast.

PS: New discovery.I'm never going to get a lawyer boyfriend.

Case 6:
I'm going to get my 'L' license.YAY!!!!!!!
I finished the kononya 6 hours course.
Why i say kononya?because the name is ^ hours, actually I learned nothing.Zero.The penceramah talked crap, alot.
And am currently waiting for my 'L' cert to come out.
Fiona, Isaac, Dap, Maple n I went to old town tmn kinrara after that to grab a bite.
And guess what, I finally know what is a slurpee.
Which Fiona n I bought from a nearby 7-eleven.
Here are some pictas:(credits to Fiona)
Lookee at my beautiful green tongue, after effect of drinking the Slurpee.Oh, I changed my specs, did you notice?

I like this photo of us, so sweet!
Of us girls, Isaac as photographer.

Okay, the end of this blogpost.I don't think I will update soon enough.
As my comp is currently down, AGAIN.
And as I type this, I'm using a lousy old comp which runs superr slowly.Wasting my time.pfffft.

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