Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dead Blog

Okay.I feel like giving up on my blog already.For a couple of reasons:

A: Blog consumes a lot of time.Esp when the line's so damn slow n one pathetic photo takes so long to upload.

B: My comp is still down and I'm using some old comp suit to be placed at the museum.

C: For some reason, everyone is not keen on blogging anymore.

D: Changing blogskins n updating it needs a lot of patience, which I obviously don't have.

E: I can't find anything to blog about nowadays.

F: Such a loong time since I last update it that I don't feel like doing it anymore.

Alright, after five reasons given,conclusion is that I'm lazy.


UPDATE: okay's one recent photo of me after I went n perm my hair.(which I think didn't really suit me)

PS:I seriously dunno what's the problem with blogspot. It just has to make me go leftside up.=.=


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