Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Days after SPM

is just so boring!!
Esp if you dont work and don't play and you're just sitting around waiting for time to pass or waiting to hear answers from the government on whether they accept you into their uni or not.
And you wana work but don't get the chance to do some work that pays good money.
And by good money I meant not those high payment professional jobs but good money as in reasonable amount to get myself whatever I wanted.
As I browse through the shops I find myself geting greedier and unsatisfied.
Like I wana own everything that I ever wanted.
That's why I created that list of things that I'm gonna buy once I get my first pay of say, RM 2500.
That would be great, don't you think??
ANd mind you, it's not a birthday wishlist.I don't do that.
And thou shalt not get anything for me from there.
Anyway, got myself a new exercise regime, or something new to rave about.
Which is swimming!!
woots!!The feeling of being able to swim, is so great!!
Got myself goggles, but it rained today.=(
And I miss all the fun in school or talking nonsense with She-Reen and Breena,
Of talking low waist jeans with Chai Yin and Kar Mern and Shu Qiong,
Of laughing our asses off on school dramas between the ahem and ahem.
On gossiping and talking things that just happens to be fun and creative,
Of the headaches and problems I faced in school as the KM,
Of getting angry at something or somebody and just blurting it out to my Ears-es(it meant two person)
Of talking and laughing out loud beside the Rohini gang,
Of disccusing stuffs which later turns out to be a quarrel with my buddies,
Of argue-ing back at Kritz and thinking that I'll never win him,
Of 'huh-ing' at Tiong Hsien as he uses his base voice to talk,
And of rolling my eyes at The Rohini's famous laugh..........
Oh, the lists goes on!
Yeah, I miss those times.And I guess you do too.
But that's just a part of life which everyone goes thru I guess.
And now, it's time to move forward.Embrace the future and keep those sweet memories in mind.
LOL.I think I sound like some pro-wise woman.LOL

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