Sunday, April 17, 2011

Melacca Series Day 1 Part 3

Okay, This part is where we really started camwhoring so got a lot of pictures.
Ahem, remember, we're still in day 1.

this is where aunty Tan was climbing up the hill to St Paul's church(I think)

Ini pula Uncle Tan.*caught in action* lol

this pic is like totally the best of this whole trip.Look so natural and the backdrop is niceeeee!<3

This...could be my next profile pic.hehe


Posing at the entrance....

Oh it really is St Paul church.

Should be THE St Paul with one hand.Don't know which idiot broke the historical arm.= =

Overview of the church:

Inside the building:

LOL.Future LAWYER!!woots

Stuck our butts into some windowless hole.

Acting cool:

this is when we were at Jonker street

Drinking 60's tea from a bottle

I like the way I look here.Like very yeng ;D

On some doll elephant

The Hero Of the DAY:

~the END~

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