Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I read this in a devotional email from 'She Seeks'.
The author was writing on dreams.
Part of it being 'Both you and I have in us a God given gift. It's called passion. It is the desire to dream.'

Which caught me thinking, on my dreams.=)
And so, gonna share here.

Dreams of "someday" becoming ..........
 a successful, famous, yet fair lawyer.
I know that being successful and famous is somewhat easy.

Okay, not THAT easy, but also NOT difficult, with a teeeeeny bit of hardwork and 'smart-aleckness'.You might just be able to get enough press coverage.
But what I think is hard to achieve, especially in this 'human' world, is to be fair and honest in every thing that I do.
I am aware that bribes do exists and is tempting every single politicians out there.
Lies are sometimes MUCH MUCH more easier, compared to truths.
But only the strong and rightful ones will withstand it.
I wanna be that, the one who does not fall into the temptation.*cross fingers*
I wanna keep my ways pure, and not sinful.
*Wahh, holy betul.*

Dreams of "someday" doing.......
missionary works.I wanna save enough money, fly off to some country, and help the helpless.
And and and, at the same time, 'visit' and 'enjoy' different cultures and sights.
See, kill two birds with one stone.*winks*

Dreams of "someday" marrying......
 a guy.Of course!! I always tell ppl, my guy have to be 5 inches taller than me, so that even if i wear heels, I'll still be shorter than him.LOL.I don't appreciate that girls tower over their bfs.
Refer back to HERE at 8 ways to win my <3 in a relationship.XP
I still laugh everytime I read's like Mission Impossible.

Dreams of "someday" having...  .a house, designed by*drumrolls* THE Michele Lau!!!haha..yeah.I wana have a self designed house with a 100 meters long swimming pool, a whole floor of library packed with books, a gym, karaoke room, etc...
Special ma, Only THE Michele Lau can stay in this kinda house.HAHA
*bizarre dream*

Dreams of "someday" changing.....
my name, Michele, to something else, like 'Rebecca' or 'Hazel' .LOL.
Nahh, it's not that.
Dreams of changing this corrupted world to a better one is more like it.
More sense of fulfillment.
Ok, I know it's like never gonna happen right?By my own strength.But whatever, I shall still write it here.

Sigh, it's nice to be able to dream about things you want in life.
Ahem, whether it is fantasy or real.It's nice to just let your imaginary run for a while.
But back to topic,
Let' see, twenty years from now, are they fullfiled or not eh??

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