Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Four Leaf Clovers

Dear Babe

Time change, and things change with it too.
But rest assured, I'll remain your friend always kays?;D
Don't get too sad over the said but not done 'outing'.Hehe..
Partly my fault, sorry.
Can't help it.
Shall train my patience before ending future outings.
Truth was that, I felt so tired arranging a Date, Time, and Venue which all of us would agree to.
Gosh, Chai Yin must be so good at it, to single handedly ask everyone for the gatheing tonight.
And to Chai Yin, sorry too.For not being able to make it.I know you must gone to a great measure to gather of all of together in one place.

I hope we can meet too, in December.
No, scratch that.
We WILL meet.
Haha, one way or another, I trust that we will.
You know I missed you too.
Glad that you often if not always took the initiative to call me

And don't worry about your future.
Trust in the Lord.
He must put you there for a reason.
and don't forget, our 'agreement' to go ber-mission together.;D

PS:Still waiting, for the photos.

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