Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NECF 40Days fast

The year 2011 40-days fast started since last Sunday.
It's an annually thing done by the NECF for all Malaysians to fast 40 days prior to Merdeka Day, so as to pray for our nation.
But then, this year they decided to do it before the Malaysia Day.
So it started a bit late.
And, you know what I decided to fast??
Firstly, I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it.
Because Facebook is like rice to me.
I have to log in everyday just to check n update fb.
But I'm so proud.
It's the 5th day today and ongoing, I have not succumbed to fb just yet.
Lord, give me strength to continue the fast.
So forgive me if I don't reply to anything on fb.

Well, my fast is a liltle different.
As in different from the normal'don't eat' fast.
Because I think fasting facebook is like more meaningful.
The main thing about Fasting is not about 'trying to experience the hunger and the pain of the underprivileged of third-world-country', nor is it about 'dieting' nor 'impressing God'.
Because fasting is for the sake of us, for us to spent more Quiet Time with God, for discipline.
When we fast, take me for example, the time used for facebook daily will be used to be with God instead.
That's why I say fasting FB is much more meaningful.
Before this, I didn't knew I could survive without facebook.
LOL.Like I have to log in FB every single day.
And like I said, It's already the 5th day of not Fb-ing.
SO it's kinda like a discipline.
That I put God first in front of other things.
So you see, fasting could be not just about food.
But other things that take up your time with God.
I think that is the real meaning behind it.=)

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