Friday, August 12, 2011

Parents Day Celebration

Short update on my college.
I found out they have dance club!!
Oh yeah!!
But don't think I'll be joining, no time.
AS exam like 2 months away.
Still haven't finish syllabus= haven't revised yet.=((

Some ppl in my class is REALLY annoying.Plus irritating. 
Gosh, miss you guys from 5 Alpha.
At least you guys strike a balance btwn _____ and _______.
Issh shan't explain.Once I think about it I get angry.

Gonna post some photos, on last last last last Sun punya Parent's day celebration in FGA.

Dress Code: Any Traditional Clothes

Mum and babe.Punjabi style I think.

Luffdieme his expression!HAHA!

Explaining on the sushi making contest.


Kimono!!She even wore wore socks and clogs!!

This little girl who wants her photo taken.Dunno her one.


Yeng lehh the baju melayu.

Process.Barang separuh siap(

Dunno who r they.Snap photo coz the cheongsam colour nice.
Gold +Black.
Should have taken whlole dress punya photo right.
That's why I shall nvr b a good photographer.= =

haha one of the contestats.he like so proud of his sushi.=)

Okay, I don't have the photos of the winners, so let's skip to...


And More FOOOD!

Mum and I, in car

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