Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Michele has got a life, HOORAY!!==

But anyway, I did HAD fun.With Phyllis and Breena, at the very least, to celebrate Mooncake Day!
I think it was a looong time since I last posted photos.
Before that,
This post has 60 and over photos.

And it's at BKCMC.Last Sat.Evening.

Liddle Pig which caught my attention.

Food.There was more later.
Only it was makan time then and I can't lose the chance to savage these because of photos.
I'd rather eat and not sacrifice the FOOD.

The prizes for the winner of lantern making contest.

Uncle Chee Seng.MC of the day.

Aunty Alexis's lanterns.Yes.It's Aunty and the Lanterns.
No sacarsm intended.XP

Cuty-fying car.


Breena and Phil during the Quest for Treasure.LOL.
Ok.It's actually a quiz sorta thing.

Then me and Bree.I tried out the smoothing effect from Photoscape.
I LOVE my skin here.LOL


All of us.And the Sk2 skin.


Haha!!!super Cute pose.

YB Lau.Should be.


Random.While we were dancing.

My sexy back.;D


OOOOH.this part.we had so much fun.

This too.

Mo and Di.


London Bridge.

Thanks Bree.I feel like a model;D

This is when we started gathering for lantern-walk.

Bree.See how thee colour mathes?shirt n lantern.

Phil n Bree.


Phil n her sis.


 Look carefully.
Talented lantern maker of all.He made a TRANSPARENT LANTERN!!!
ok, bluff one.The remains of a charred lantern.
Still craftfully burned what.

All of us.YAY!!
*put big big so can see properly.

Isaac and his gang.

Still puting candles on.

All of us.
Look, such a nice pic.
And Addison HAD to BLOCK my PRETTY FACE.
Still pretty pissed.And he's enjoying the effect.
Look at how he laugh dao No eyes Only mouth.
*put big big for you to see*

My lil cute, this pose.thanks Angel.

The others.


Jess and Ann.

Aunty Alexis and girl.


=(( Can't see both of us.

Lantern walk.

And then, and then....
They announced winner of Lantern-making.
Deng deng deng....
My lil bro!!!

Ok, bluff again.Not winner.
But 3rd winner.(still partly true what)

The 2nd winner.

The REAL winner.NO bluff one.

                                                                     All winers.

My smug looking bro.

Then, winners for the quiz.

3rd winner.


Runner up.

They had a category for those who are beyond the limited age but still bersemangat to submit their lanterns.

My bro.

And this '15' year old uncle!!!!

Last one.

And my lil bro plus trophy.YAY!


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