Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warning!!Complaints ahoy!

Read the titile.
Yes, Michele Lau complains a lot.
So there,bug off if you're thinking anything rash.
Didn't force you to listen to my ramblings.
*bad mood*
I got so much to complain.
First, I got a terrigible headache.
From lack of sleep, or stress, or (trying to)concentrate too much in class.
Dunno which, all factors are valid.
When I say concentrate, it is the effort of trying to do it.
In a 4 hour long class.=.= Sitting there and listening ONLY.
I mean we have breaks , 15mins or so.
But seriously which HUMAN can tahan for so long.
After the first hour, I coudn't absorb anything liao.
Whatever the lecturer teach I only got like 1% of it.
Like I know he talked about exchanged rates, and currency.
And whaa??I dunno.
But yeah, something bout malaysia's money and aussie then US.
But I dunno what effect it has if some country's currency increase or decrease.
Oh ya, something about floatation.
I dunnooo.
Like seriously, evrything's so rushing.
He even draggged the lectures for another half hour.
C'mon, the class is already unbearable.
And by 6pm everyone was already READY to go back home.
But he CONTINUES talking talking we couldnt even SIT STILL LIAO.
Some of my friends slept in the class unconsciously and then only to wake up and realise we're in CLASS.
Look.He's  a good lecturer.
But the rush to finish all topics in such a SHORT period of time is so, gosh, KILLING.
And my sundays are booked, full, not by DATES, but the college.
Like, seriously, how boring can life be!
And my law lesson for tomorrow is the last.
Guess what, we have 4 hours,minus break,  for FOUR CHAPTERS.(If I counted correctly)
4 chaps still not covered.And the normal pace is one session, one chapter.
I can't even imagine how the class will be like.=='
Not only that,  startiing next week, we have revision class.
Gosh, how could we cope with it.Syllabus not covered, I feel so lost.
Don't ask me why I choosed June intake.
Fact is, I didnt know we have exams in 3 months time.==
THREE months to cover past year quest, finish syllabus, and revise.
Lecturer finished Business, yeah, those who took alevels, that thick book.
In 2 months time.
I don't understand even half of it.
Everything is just so RUSHED.
my timetable for this month is jampacked full.
Don't even know if I can find time to read and understand by myself.
I studied one chapter of business yesterday.
One chapter, less than ten page.took me 3 hours.==
How to finsh whole book, what more 3 subjects, plus to memorise the facts.

Seriously, I know I shouldn't complain.
Should just trust in the Lord all those stuff.
Forgive me.
But right now, it's so stressed.tension.
Plus I'm human.And I'm Michele Lau.
Great, I'm off to study(hopefully).
Wish me luck.And keep me in your prayers.

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Adele Kong said...

Hey Michele! Long time no see :D
Hey don't apologize. You're human and everyone gets stressed out. So don't pressure to much okie? Pray and seek Him for calmness and peacefulness and surrender everything. You can do it in your exams. ALL THE BEST HON!