Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dead Tired

Exams are an on-going battle.
Eventhough SPM HAD finished, you still CANNOT be free of exams.
I wonder how does the PHD people ever succeeded in get it.
Guess what, my exams, law paper, is in 1 months time.
My syllabus have not finished, few past year questions done and yet to get myself acquainted to formats of the papers.
I know that in His time and grace, He will intervene.
But I'm still just human, CAN'T Not worry.
Minus all the eat, shit, sleep and play.
Not even half a month's time left.
And the worry is weighing me down.
How could I be in Sunway Pyramid and yet don't get the feel??
After all the hardships put into an outing, we were finally there and I didn't feel the least bit satisfied.
Not even ONE photo of the 3 of us taken.
We didn't even explore every shop like we used to.
So wasted.
Days of fretting about not going out and when I finally got there, I didn't feel like basking in the shopping atmosphere.

So stupid.
So wasted.
What a day.
Wasted effort.
Drown in exam stress.
Can't help it.
Useless_____.Dunno who to blame.Myself?

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