Monday, November 14, 2011

the Happening

I finished my AS exams.Have I mentioned that already??
Well, I don't remember.And I'm lazy to check.
I am soo lazy to update my blog these days/months.
Lagging behind~
All my free time used up watching Dream High and My Princess and other Kdramas.
I'm so absorbed into them.I can't believe they are so addicting, I'm entrapped.

Recently saw my high school's annual prefect's hi-tea on facebook for year 2011.
Gosh, I really do miss life at school.Note: it's school life.Not college.
Did I also mentioned that my college is full of imba people??
I shan't explain here, lest I get hate mails later.;D
But seriously, they are so not the normal type.As in what I used to experience with people around me.
They are just so different.So imba-ly different.
*sigh* who knows, maybe I'm the imba one.
Whatever, I don't care.
I'll just live like how I used to live.
That's their life after all and who am I to judge them?

Went to Sunway Pyramid, again.Last two days.With moi besties.
Times are so different now.
It's just wasn't the same again.
I wonder if college life has a part in it?
Part of us seemed to have grown up together with time and blended into college.
Well, it's a good thing, really.If you are able to blend into the crowd.
Emo's aside, here are some photos taken in the ever-so-famous-photo-spot.(lavatory)
ps: using the word ' lavatory' because I'm trying to sound professional.XP
this is our first shot.of Bree and I.

a second one.=D

And bree's curry laksa.Yum yum~
but I forgot the little stall's name.
It's somewhere in asian avenue.You really should go try it if given the chance to do so.

the longan drink.

Then the YB she reen came.
I think this is our nicest shot.
Eventho angle was lil wrong for bree.

Solo shot of Breena.

One last, before we step into the car.

And this, I thought, Bree looks cute here.
Eventho I'm totally out.
See, Breena, how sweet am I to post a photo for your sake??;D

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