Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Online Carnival--Tropicana Mall only have 3 minutes here.
This happened ages ago.Like one month?
Can't remember.
It's not that I don't want to update, I have said in my previous post the reason to it.
And so, the story starts that phyllis and Breena and I went to Tropicana Mall to visit the Star Online Carnival.
And it was fun, fun FUN!!!!!
Just that we went like so late 3 or 4 pm and had to come back by 8pm.=((
so yeah.the journey took us 1 hour.
We had to go by lrt and then later by shuttle bus.
Really, thank God because He sent us Breena's Bible Knowledge teacher to fetch us there.As the bus had left, and we would have to wait for goodness know how long.
Since it's a one hour one bus only.
And dah la reach late.
So really thank you Lord for watching over us.
Then only we could reach at 4pm.
if not, would be waaaay later.
 So here are the photos.

oh this is not.Just an
Do you know where are we at??


So, it's starts here.

my bro was pei-ing me before Phyllis came to fetch me.

Ok, we really are at the place now.

this, I was dancing.The Tv had sensors, cool!!!
IT's like you don'nt need a remote control, just your hand would do.

then it was Breena's turn.

HAHA!!this pose.

And we went and got free drinks.LOL.just a sample la..

And this meowey was cute.
Don't even know why is it there tho.
I just know it looks cute.then *snaps photo*
That's me.;D

This guy, or man.with handmade miniature robots.
talk about talent in the old age!!bwah-haha!

And then we got crazy, like very.And all our inner vampires broke loose.



And me!!!!HAHA.Can't believe I did that.



Phyllis trying to get her head into the bear's mouth.

Head termasuk.*smelly bear mouth*

haha..Breena again.replacing Bella.

Of us all.

Some choco shop.Very high-class.

The carnival from top.

And then they bought a Tutti Fruity before going home.
ok.15 mins!!!!Ciao~~

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