Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Hatch Day, Sam!!& Sunway with my coussie

Celebrated my cousin Bro's birthday on Saturday.
2days ago.
And we bough him, Cheese cake!!!
From King's confectionary.

Really superbly small.(It's the only cheesecake left)
But delicious.Just that a lil too sweet.

The b-day boy!

Say cheese!

Today, went to Sunway after my econs class.
Took few photos only.=(
Was rushing like mad.

  With my ah ee and coussie sis.

Prettyful balls on the christmas tree, eh??XPXPXP

Really eye-catching, aid for flood victims.

Public Hol, soooooo many people.

 And one by the snowman.

Some random flowers.
LOL.ran out of things to take.

This place, is already outside the shopping complex.
Directly in front of Sunway resort.

Here, the resort itself.

At the reindeer.


I like this photo!

hidung tinggi punya reindeer.

My coussie.

OK.The end.

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